Van Transportation

Handicap-Accessible Van Transportation Anywhere in Kosciusko County, Indiana!

Improve your quality of life with a wide range of activities

We are the only social service agency, or business that provides handicapped-accessible van transportation to all of Kosciusko County.

All vans have wheelchair lifts. Rides can be scheduled by calling our office at (574) 267-2012. We request 7 or 10 days advance notification for nonpriority. Priorities are given to clients who require medical and/or nutrition services.

Van Transportation Details:

Suggested Donation: A donation of $3.00 in town: $4.00 out of town, suggested.

Availability: Van Transportation is available Monday through Friday, 9am to 3pm. Last scheduled on route is at 2:45pm.

Rider Assistance: We are a door-to-door service. Our KCSS van drivers will help those needing assistance getting from the house to the van. This may include, but not limited to, assisting with wheelchairs and carrying groceries into and from the van.

Service Area: We provide transportation within Kosciusko County only. For trips to or from rural areas of Kosciusko County, we ask that you schedule your ride as far in advance as possible.

Trip Priorities: We prioritize medical / pharmacy and nutritional needs first, and then any extra-curricular trips second.


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