We Believe Connection is Important

Mental and emotional health is vital. Keeping relationships with other people helps the seniors of Kosciusko County thrive.

How we serve our seniors

Our three major programs are Mobile Meals, Handicapped Van Transportation, and a Senior Activity Center. All of these programs have been in operation for well over twenty years.

Our van transportation provides over 14,000 rides each year. Our priorities are medical, nutrition, and other professional personal services. We provide individual assistance to seniors using this service.

Finally, our Senior Activity Center – SAC operates five days a week and provides a wide range of informational, educational, and recreational activities. All of the services meet our central criteria of providing services to seniors so they may remain in their home and not be placed in a health or medical facility.

Our Services

Meeting the needs of seniors in Kosciusko County

All programs have been in operation for over 20 years. These are the most critical and important services required to meet the needs of seniors in Kosciusko County.

Mobile Meals

Van Transportation

Senior Activity Center

Real Services

Activities & Meals


Questions? We’re here to help.

No matter your needs, Kosciusko Senior Services brings a fresh approach to your care. Have questions? Our team is here to guide you during your care.